3/14:Notice for adjustments for skills
    Thank you for playing AVABEL CLASSIC.

    Conducting date(JST)
    2022/3/14 after the maintenance

    Details for Applicable
    Class Skill Name Details for Applicable
    Acolyte Blessed Luster Raised recovery
    Time Domination Added damage effects 、Raised effects 、Reduced effective time
    Mind Break Increased MEN reduction effect
    Evil Hindrance Increased recover reduction effect
    Holy Nest VIT/MEN increase effect increase 、Increased STR/INT reduction effect 、Added damage and recover effects 、Deleted some effects
    Archangel Blessing Added recovery multiplier 、Decover effect removed 、VIT / MEN increase effect removed

    There will be adjustments in the future to make the process lighter and for balancing. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    AVABEL CLASSIC Operation Team