About misconduct and illegal acts

What is a penalty?
AVABEL LITE is a game where you can enjoy adventures with others, but there are rules to go by for all players to enjoy themselves.
By going against these rules, penalties will be applied.
Rules for AVABEL LITE are agreed to upon signing up, but to put it simply, we prohibit such things as verbal abuse, harassment, fraud, etc. that may cause discomfort to people.

You can review details of our penalty policy by checking the Penalties Policy page.

-AVABEL LITE Official Website Penalties Policy

For everyone to enjoy playing AVABEL LITE, please read through these policies carefully prior to play.
There is trouble between the players. Please do something about it.
AVABEL LITE Support cannot respond, or be held responsible for trouble between any user(s).

If you experience such troubles, please protect yourself by immediately logging out, using the Blacklist, etc.

Please note that issues such as spam, abuse, harassment, soliciting, fraud, real money trade, or any cases that may evolve into a criminal case can be referred to via our Penalties Policy.