About in-game issues

Why can I not obtain more items?
You cannot obtain items in the following cases:
-You have reached the maximum number your bag can hold of the particular type of item.
-The total weight of the item exceeds the weight allowance.

By depositing some items to the Storage or selling items, you can make available space in your bag, as well as lighten the gross weight of items in your possession.
Even if I defeat a monster I do not receive any money.
In AVABEL LITE, you are able to sell items dropped after defeating monsters for in-game money.
You will be able to sell unnecessary items at Item Shop in each bases.
The mail which was in my In-box has disappeared.
Are there any display limitations?
The display limitation of the In-box is up to 100 mails.

If you receive over 100, the older mails will not be shown.

*The mail not being displayed will be displayed again by organizing your mails.
Please use the "Keep" function you wish to keep in your In-box.
I lost my item. Please investigate.
Please contact with the following information, by opening AVABEL LITE>Connect with one of your account>Title Menu "Contact/FAQ"

▼Necessary information for investigation
・Date and time of finding out the item are lost.
・Character name and ID of which item is lost.
・The proper name of the item, enhanced level, weapon type, element, and amount.
・Date and time of the last time you have had the item.

*Shop BOX only shows a maximum of 20 items and did not disappear so please check beforehand.
*We are able to investigate "Sell," "Dispose," "Enhance," "Awaken," and "Expert Evolved" related issues, but we cannot promise that they can be returned.
*There may be times to ask for necessary information again for further investigation.

Please contact us by agreeing to the above condition.
Why do other players show up as blue sticks?
When Render Lv is set to "Lo.," other characters will be shown in blue.

Characters can be displayed by changing Render Lv to "Max" or "Hi." from "MENU" > "Options" > "Graphic",
however, if the RAM capacity does not reach requirement, you may not be able to change the setting.

Render level will be automatically set to "Lo." when booting application if your device's available RAM capacity does not reach requirement.